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We often get asked, "Why is California Custom Sheds® the company we should purchase our building from?" And "How do your sheds compare to others on the market?"

We would like to take this opportunity to explain to you what our company and our buildings have to offer and why we offer it.

Prior to California Custom Sheds, more than 30 years ago, we built custom homes throughout Southern California. We have applied this knowledge and experience to our storage buildings. We have also accumulated an abundance of knowledge developing our buildings to perfection over the last 30 years. Some, by listening to suggestions and ideas from the thousands of customers whom we have had the privilege to serve.

There are many shortcuts some companies take such as inferior building materials that are used to construct their sheds. Many of these shortcuts are never noticed nor can be seen by the untrained eye. California Custom Sheds® does not take shortcuts and uses only the best quality materials available to construct the best buildings available at a reasonable price.

Each of these items listed below are STANDARD FEATURES that are included with every California Custom Shed we build.

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Cal Custom Sheds
Licensed General Contractor #B826018 with a Home Improvement Certification Binder attached.
Why? In California it is unlawful to perform any kind of work on your property without a general contractors license if the amount of the contract exceeds $500.00. Owning a general contractors license in good standing ensures you, the consumer, that we possess knowledge, experience, quality service, honesty and a company that is regulated by the state to uphold good business standards. Why would you expect anything else? Contact the Contractors State License Board at (800) 321-2752 to investigate the company you are going to hire.

Insured, Bonded, and Fully Covered with Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Why? To protect you, the consumer.

An unsurpassed 10-year warranty that covers the shed to the original purchaser.

Why? We have the best buildings available and back that up by offering the best warranty available.

Up-front and honest with you about codes and ordinances.

Why? California Custom Sheds® wants you to be aware of building permits, setback and height requirements. We do not hide the facts just to sell you a shed.

Local onsite consultation.
Why? We ask that first you visit our display yard located at Hwy 101 & Ralph Lane in Prunedale. After you sit down with us and we discuss which size of shed, roof style, and accessories, we will visit your job-site if questions still remain.

Cal Custom Sheds

Concrete paving stones that measure 6'' x 6'' x 1" tall or 6'' x 6'' x 2 1/2" tall are placed under the Pressure Treated Floor skids.

Why? No ground contact ensures a floor that should last a lifetime.

(3) 4 x 4 Pressure-treated skids on sheds that measure 8 x 14 and smaller.

Why? Ensures long life. In combination with the pavers, the skids allow the sheds to sit on any level surface. This will provide 6" of ground clearance for air flow, assuring proper ventilation under the shed.

A MINIMUM of (3) 4 x 6 pressure-treated skids on buildings 10 x 12 and larger.

Why? This exceeds code and adds even more strength to the larger buildings. This will provide 8" of ground clearance for air flow, assuring proper ventilation under the shed. This will give you a floor that should last a lifetime!

2 x 4 PRESSURE-TREATED Floor Joists on 16" centers.

Why? We nail pressure-treated floor joists on top of the runners (Skids) because it ensures strength and long life, resisting termites and rot for over 25 years. Combination of concrete paving stones, pressure treated runners, pressure treated floor joists, and great ventilation flowing underneath, our floors are built sturdy and will last many many years.

Heavy-Duty 3/4" Thick Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is used on the floor.

Why? OSB is stronger than traditional plywood. OSB contains no voids, knots, or patches unlike plywood, and is waxed and sealed around the edges for maximum protection from the elements. OSB does not swell or ripple if it does get wet. This is what is used today on residential homes and commercial buildings.

Cal Custom Sheds

Our Standard shed door is 43" wide. Our standard Double Doors are 67" or 91" wide. Any of our doors can be built with a custom width if placed on a narrow wall or limited space is available for door opening clearance.


2 x 4 Douglas Fir Bottom Plate on all walls.

Why? This adds even more strength and integrity to the sheds because the walls are nailed through this plate to each and every floor joist.

2 x 4 Douglas Fir Top Plate on all walls.

Why? Added strength and integrity.

2 x 4 Douglas Fir Wall Studs on 24" centers.

Why? Added strength. 16" On Center is available as an option. Standard residential wall framing techniques are used. Wall heights can be customized as an option.

Dual Corner Studs at every corner.

Why? This exceeds the building codes and adds strength.

Dual Door Studs

Why? Added strength.

Headers over every door and window that meets or exceeds California building codes.
Why? Added strength.

Pre-Primed Exterior Siding.

Why? This saves a lot of your precious time and money of priming the building yourself.

A 50-year warranty on the exterior siding against splitting, cracking and delaminating.

Why? We want to build a shed that should last a lifetime.

Electro-Galvanized Ringshank nails are used on exterior siding.

Why? Galvanized nails will resist rust. Ringshank means there are small sharp threads around the circumference of the nails. This ensures the nails will not back out over years of abuse, adding more strength to our buildings.

6" long bolts in the door hinges and latches.

Why? (1) Maximum security. If conventional lag bolts or screws are used, ANYONE can take the door off within seconds. This is impossible with bolts. (2) All wood shrinks over time. As this process occurs, you can simply tighten these bolts from the inside, unlike any other fastening system. This will also ensure you a door that the hinges can't be taken off from the outside.

Two Gate Latches or a Keyed Locking T-Handle on every door.

(1) Maximum security. (2) We give you the choice on which door hardware is used to create a truly customized shed.

Galvanized Metal "Z-Bar" is used on all horizontal seams within the exterior siding.

Why? To seal out the water, ensuring extra protection from the elements.

We Caulk Over the Doors and Windows.

Why? Extra protection from the elements.

Water drip cap over the door.

Why? Extra protection from the driving rains.

Cal Custom Sheds

A selection of nine different roof styles to choose from.

Why? We understand some people want more than just a storage shed. You want a building that doesn't look like a shed. Nine different roof styles to choose from will give you more choices to customize your building to fit into your landscape and satisfy your needs. We give you more choices than you can find at any other shed company.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is used for the roof sheathing.

Why? OSB is stronger than traditional plywood. OSB contains no voids, knots, or patches unlike plywood. OSB is waxed and sealed around the edges for maximum protection from the elements. OSB does not swell or ripple if it does get wet. This is what is used today on residential homes and commercial buildings.

Up to an 8" overhang on all roof eaves.

Why? Aesthetically pleasing. It also benefits the building by shielding it from the elements.

Heavy-duty 2 x 6 (min.) Douglas Fir roof rafters on 24" centers
Why? Added strength.

2 x 4 fascia board around entire roof perimeter.

Why? Aesthetically pleasing, and it will better match your home. This also protects the shed from the elements and ensures the roof sheathing to remain straight and free from warping.

Galvanized metal drip edge around entire roof perimeter.

Why? Protects the roof sheathing and the fascia from the elements.

15-LB Felt laid under a 3-Tab Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingle.

Why? Moisture barrier and this is the best protection for your belongings from the elements. The shingles that we use are the same as a house shingle.

Site clean up after construction is complete.

Why? We will leave your site cleaner than when we arrived if that is possible. We want you to be happy with our service as well as our products.

Completely customize a shed to your needs.

Why? We want to know what you're using this building for so we can customize our sheds to fulfill your expectations. Maybe you need a potting shed, tack room or hobby room. Some need a shed for a motorcycle, golf cart, or riding lawn mower. An extra room, just for you to get away to, maybe a paint studio, office, or a dry shelter for your favorite pet. Custom is our middle name and it's what California Custom Sheds® is best at.


We can SHEDucate™ You!
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